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    * Information needed.

    I know this might be the wrong place to put this but I am looking to start up a small server business and am wondering how to get started.

    My price range is about 50 dollars per month, Could anyone give me some information on how to start this up?,What I need to do, and how to do it



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    50/month won't get you too far. United Colo is out of their 49/month servers, so if you can put your adventure on hold, then I suggest you do so and wait for United Colo to offer more servers. However, my suggestion would be to wait a bit so you can afford a higher monthly expense. Also, read the forums here, they can be quite useful. Good luck!
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    Maybe you can start just by simply reselling. I assume when you talk about your own server company, you mean selling webhosting servers? If this is what you want to do, you can start off by offering shared hosting to customers on a single server. You can get packages from a lot of different places that allow you to host multiple domains in your space, even under $50 a month. Then you simply build up your client base, and your bank account. When you have enough income, you move to a managed dedicated server, then you go to an unmanaged server someday, then multiple servers, and before you know it, you will be buying colo space, to put all your own servers in. Who knows, maybe someday you will build your own datacenter?

    My point is, start reselling. There is plent of information on how and what to do. Just look!
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