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    WHMCS convert client to subscription

    I have a client in whmcs who wishes to pay with subscriptions instead of manually paying an invoice every month. Is there a way to convert him to a paypal subscription and still keep track properly in whmcs? I know in the future new clients i can force subscriptions on, but this would be for an existing client.

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    Do the following

    Easy just change his account to paypal. first find his account, then change Payment Method under Products/Services

    Then when he gets his next invoice and pays it using your WHMCS billing area it will do subscriptions.

    Also if you want subscriptions down the road only make sure you check to Force Subscriptions under your paypal gateway
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    It's also imperative that he pay the invoice before the due date, or I believe it reverts to manual for that month onward. Not sure if forcing actually forces that.
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