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    Overselling policy

    Quote Originally Posted by foobic View Post
    Frankly I don't much care whether a host is overselling, and I care far less about whether they claim they are/aren't. The term is subject to so much individual interpretation (and downright lies) that it's worthless.

    Example: 49 x 20GB hyper-super-alpha-master-reseller accounts (hence thousands of end-user accounts) on a P4 with single 1TB SATA. Oversold or not?

    If you really want to impress me with your transparency, show me your hardware spec, maximum number of clients per server (or other method of determining when a server is full), policies for resource abuse, long-term uptime records etc.
    I have published this page last night, do you think it would fit your criteria . Removed the HyperLink. The forum is distroying the link
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    Quote Originally Posted by KDisk View Post
    I have published this page last night, do you think it would fit your criteria
    It's way better than most. Still doesn't address the resource abuse policy or uptime records though (perhaps those are elsewhere). You should run a spell-checker over it, and fix this one that spellcheck won't catch:
    to ensure that there are do i/o overloads

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