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    Can some body detect the Costa Rica ISP's website?

    I know the ISP is RADIGRAFICA COSTARRICENSE, and the server location is San Josť in Costa Rica.
    I googled the ISP name RADIGRAFICA COSTARRICENSE, trying to find out the company site which offer's web hosting service, but I can only find; however, this doesn't look like a web hosting company.
    Can anyone help me to find this ISP's url

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    Not sure
    But that is what i have found

    ASPnix Web Hosting - ASP.NET, MS SQL, AJAX, Hyper-V
    Microsoft Hosting and Virtualization

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    More than one in Costa Rica

    Not sure what your business is, since you also have another thread looking for a Swedish host. There is more than one web hosting company in Costa Rica, per this google search:

    If all of the site visitors will be in Costa Rica, then consider hosting there. If not, also consider hosting in South Florida or in Texas. However, you may have some legal reasons why you want to host outside the USA. GL!

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