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    Exclamation [HELP] How to configure DNS properly?

    I have a vps and seems like dns is not configured properly.

    host-tracker give me:

    Failure("Domain lookup Exception:Not_found")

    In direct admin I have

    PHP Code:    NS    
    .com    NS 
    and in my domain registration panel I have added child nameservers pointed to my IP. What is wrong now?

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    Is it still not resolving? When did you make the changes ? Posting the domain name here will not harm! Without some details, it is difficult to diagnose the issue.

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    try the diagnostic report at:

    right now, you do not show any glue records, but that may be just what you posted. intodns will tell you what the problem is.
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    I've fixed now, after looked at directadmin demo.

    here is the fix
    PHP Code:    NS    
    .com.    NS 

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    Make sure you have DNS A records for and in the DNS zone file of

    If you can tell us the domain name we can suggest further.
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    Actually yes - can you provide us with your real domain name, or you're actually using as you've pasted?

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