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    I need advice to find a Sweden hosting company

    Hello Guys
    I need to find a webhosting company in Sweden and I need some help to choose a suitable one.
    My requirement is very simple:
    1.the company should offer Cpanel
    2.I can pay via credit card, because I don't have sweden bank account.
    3.I need shared hosting account, because I don't have too much budget for VPS or dedicated host.

    I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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    Hello! welcome to the forums. I suppose that would be quite difficult to monitor whole web hosting offers section for that. But in any case I suppose that would be useful to leave a quote in the FIND a HOST forums

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    Thanks for your resonse, but I'm looking for sweden webhosting and we could not find any such info in the FIND a HOST forums

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    I assume he meant here
    You can start your quote
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    It's a bit harder to find localized hosting companies here at WHT. I would suggest at least allowing a host in Europe as part of your criteria to help you find a suitable host.

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    I searched on google and got this. As you did not mention the quota and your budget,so I am not sure which is the best for you.
    Whats more,I assume that there would be something like webhostingtalk at local Sweden so that you can find there easiler.
    Remember to read their TOS and make a conversation first.
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