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    L-Soft Listserv hosting

    I need to look at a way to run a specific application over the internet, inexpensively of course. The issue is we have a professional association that wants to run an email discussion list using specific email discussion software (ListServ from L-soft). The association currently has a hosted website but no capacity within their current hosting contract to run a specific application like this. I am told that dedication servers run to the cost of $1000/month, which is way too expensive and not very cost effective for this single specific type of application for a 1300 member association.

    Are there other options for running ths type of application on a shared server? Anybody have any ideas where I should look? Would prefer an Australian server, but as long as it can use our domain for emails, I would be happy.

    Brisbane, Australia

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    Dedicated servers can start from as low as $50/mo, $100-$150 for a decent one. $1000/m sounds overkill for what you intend to do, as these will be very high end servers.

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    $1000 per month that is budget for whole year. I guess VPS or something like that would be more then enough for you to get started with the tests
    Good luck

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    I would start a dialogue with several different providers. It has been my experience that if a host knows what a client plans to do upfront..many problems can be avoided later.

    I can tell you I've seen an increase in problems sending mail on a regular basic to Yahoo and Microsoft. Each have multiple programs to deal with and it is quite a task. Be upfront with your planned provider and I believe you will be fine.

    Bryon L Harvey
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    Quote Originally Posted by ItsJustHosting View Post
    $1000/m sounds overkill for what you intend to do, as these will be very high end servers.
    It is exactly my thought also. It is a very huge budget for a Dedi IMHO.

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    Looks like a smallish VPS could do the job for you, and it'll be nowhere neat $1000/month. As for Australian providers, try ?

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