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    Number of seconds since a date out of timestamp range

    I'm trying to accurately, to the second, find the time that has passed since a date in the year 1750 to the present. This may seem easy, but the platform I'm working on is using signed 32-bit integers to store timestamps, so I can't accurately count seconds for dates prior to 1901. Or maybe I can, how would you go about doing this? Am I going to have to write some kind of hacky function that counts recursively and takes into consideration leap years and such?
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    One particular date in 1750 or any date during that year? If the former, just calculate (once) the offset between that date and Jan 01, 1901 (or wherever your timestamp starts). If it's any date in 1750 do the same but from Jan 01, 1750 and calculate an additional offset for the day of the year.

    The real issue here is the calendar changes that have happened between then and now, but presumably if you can find the right records you should be able to allow for these in your one-off calculations.

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    I've had this issue as well (with years beyond 2130) but with php and since you're not saying what language you are using I'm going to throw in a php suggestion.

    You can use ADOdb Date Time library which works with dates well beyond the "standard" php date() function. syntax and inputs are the same as the php counterparts so it makes adapting your current code simple.

    If you are not using php, I apologize. I cant offer any suggestions otherwise.

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