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    Question Need new server - FutureHost have let me down....


    I have a VPS server from FutureHost but based in the London unit.

    Every day this week I have had server failures...

    I have emailed the support team but they cannot find out why my server stops the apache and smtp services.... Its driving me nuts, I have 63 clients and 80 domains on the server - 768mb Ram, 20GB hdd, Plesk, 4 ip addresses - its $46 all in... - but would prefer UK GBP supplier...

    Can anyone recommend any suppliers?

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    I have a strong budget in mind, but we may need 2 servers as we are currently picking up 10-20 clients a month, so may need a new second server next month too...

    I'm looking as close to $46 per server inc plesk 9 100 domains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wmguk View Post
    I'm looking as close to $46 per server inc plesk 9 100 domains.
    Increase your budget in 3 bucks only and you can signup with 1and1 dedicated server...
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    stupid question, but whats the benefit of having a dedicated server over a VPS? I dont know much about Linux systems, and would it come with plesk, or would i then need to buy that?

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    No benefit at all.

    The 1 and 1 server will be a single SATA disk, single power.

    Do your homework and you can get an enterprise VPS that will not only blow the 1and1 dedicated out of the water in terms of performance. It will also be on enterprise grade hardware, SAS disks, hardware RAID, redundant power.
    UK SSD VPS without compromise - upto 250k IOPS !

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    anything but 1and1 bro, seriously. The benefit is that all of the system resources are yours vs a vps which is housed in pretty much a super computer/server where you have a chunk of all resources which is shared among many clients.

    I am still shocked you are not satisfied with futurehost as I am approaching one year and couldn't be happier.

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    I'd recommend

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    I'm now talking to Jim @ FutureHost who is going to move my VPS to new one, and see if that fixes the fault, been with FH for ages now, maybe even over a year and had no issues at all, but support is EXCELLENT, fingers crosed that Jim sorts it once and for all lol

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    Talking Correction

    Quote Originally Posted by reiteration View Post
    The 1 and 1 server will be a single SATA disk, single power.
    Nope.This 1and1 server runs with two sata 160 HDD in Raid 1. Only one IP at order, but more (up to six) can be ordered through the 1and1 CP. Latest Plesk CP with 100 domains and a lot of addons, all of them included, including a monster backup space. I've tried one of these servers and runs fine. But these machines cannot be ordered now: just sold out! In the past 1and1 was the worst ever because it is a monster: above 8 million of customers, 2,400 employees, crappiest support. But now, as I found, this big company is offering nice services! With a real dedi you are the owner of entire CPU, entire RAM and the kernell of OS can be updated. Yeah, very fine! But in fact I prefer a VPS running in a monster server, Raid 10 and more, like the ones in WiredTree...
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    Quote Originally Posted by The-REV View Post
    But in fact I prefer a VPS running in a monster server, Raid 10 and more, like the ones in WiredTree...
    On that note, I highly recommend WiredTree for anyone requiring a VPS solution.

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    @OP. do you mean

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    i m really happy with them

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    Maybe the VPS you have is too small for the ressource you are using? This maybe why you got many failures...

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    Have a look at UrgentVPS,

    I have..

    - Purchased a server from UrgentVPS
    - Met Ekin (Director)
    - Visited there office
    - Met there staff
    - Called several times at 3AM!!

    Amazing ey?

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    If it's Mission Critical. Trust Only


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    a vote for servint here, tried alot of other providors and servint top in my opinion
    VPS & Dedi with -
    Clustered net (5/10), Rapidswitch (8/10) XtraHost (8/10), RackSRV (9/10) futurehosting (7/10)

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