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Thread: need advice

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    need advice

    I need advice and some knowledge.

    I want to run an image hosting site.
    My site is a new site so, currently it requires only 10 Bandwidth and 1 GB disk space, but when my site will grow, i will need more bandwidth and disk space, so, i need a flexible and reliable web hosting service for this. i need a web host where i can buy additional bandwidth and disk space by paying some cents per GB, according to the requirement of site.
    Can someone suggest me web host where i can host my site.
    I don't need such host those claims to provide unlimited bandwidth and disk space for just $10-12 per month.

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    Will this be public or private? You can start with a basic shared package and upgrade along the way, eventually to a VPS if your site grows too large. But be sure to discuss this with any potential host to see if they allow upload/file storage sites.

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    this is for public image hosting.

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    What type of images will you be hosting? Generally, public image hosting (can sometimes) be seen to put up questionable images ..... so, I think you also would need to make clear as the "type" of public images being hosted on your site.

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    All kind of images, except porn images. Same as

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    you're on the right track on not going with unlimited bandwidth providers - plenty of hosts that would be able to host you but you should make sure they allow image hosting sites. I've seen some hosts that don't allow any kind of image/file hosting sites so you would want to be careful. and you have a decent budget for this - have you taken a look at the offers section yet? plenty of hosts to choose from, ask around and you'll find your host eventually.

    good luck.

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    Thanks for advice.
    so i should first ask customer support whether they allow hosting image or not.

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    don't necessarily have to ask - just have a look at their FAQs or Terms of Service, usually they'll state something about it there. If you can't find any reference to it, then it's a good idea to ask just to be sure.

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    Most shared providers of which I've read their full Terms of Service do not allow image hosting sites simply due to the dmca/legal issues that can commonly arise out of such sites.
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    I've always started my image hosts on shared plans at Netfirms, then upgraded to their Enterprise plans as the sites grew. Their platform was the most reliable I found for image hosting purposes, and they worked with me on things like illegal content and copyright violations - better than some data centers I've worked with in the past!
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