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    Lightbulb First Web Design -- Photoshop, suggestions please

    This is my first design I have done in Photoshop, it's not complete as I've run out of idea's for it but what do you think of it?

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    For a first timer, that is awesome

    Well done!

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    Looks great to me. I think the navigation bar could use a different shade at the top but thats about it.
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    I agree that the nav bar could use a different shade but otherwise it looks great!

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    Looks very good! Like the others said, different shade for the nav

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    Very good for your first one.
    The nav shade and colour is just too much, fix that up. Also, I don't like the colour of the plan boxes, but that's just me. Other then that it's good.

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    Looks great, but Im not sure about the background, is my opinion.

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