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    Need some expert advice with FTP please

    Hi guys

    Seems "stupid" but I have a good reason to do the following but simple struck a blank after tried many times for many hours.

    I want to connect to a plain shared hosting account on server A, fetch a file from dedicated server B and download it from server A.


    Several gigs of backups on server B that I want to download to my PC on monthly base BUT

    Server B is international and 5 times slower than local server A
    Connection to server B is being capped and EXPENSIVE

    So I obtained a shared hosting account on a LOCAL server A with the aim to copy the backups from server B to server A and then download it from server A.

    (Our ADSL is capped at 5GB per month per ADSL account for international access with 30GB free local access and just to give you an idea of the word "EXPENSIVE" above it cost maybe R2000 for 5000GB of bandwidth on international servers but the same bandwidth on local servers would cost R600 000.)

    Any idea how I can copy the files from server B direct to server A?

    (Don't have shell access on server B. Tried for example wget in a shell script but it don't execute)
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    Not sure what kind of access you do have etc, but you maybe can make a cron to run a small script that will SCP the data to the other server?

    Otherwise if you only have FTP access if it's windows you can use something like Uranium Backup to automatically access and download an FTP folder on a schedule.
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    So you don't have shell access to either server? If you have ssh on either one (or can get it) that would be the way to go. It is possible to set up scp or rsync over ssh using only cgi scripts but it's a PITA, and may still need more access than you have, eg. to change ssh ports.

    Your problem using wget is most likely because you're not being given access to the wget binary (it's commonly used in server exploits). However your shared host might offer you an alternative like a renamed wget command - it's worth asking. Or you could try lwp-request or even upload your own wget binary from a similar system.

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    Try FXP mode of transfer in ftp. You need to ensure that both serverA and serverB supports the protocol in ftp.
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