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    Top 5, Bottom 5 VPS

    Hey veteran WHT members. Been some time since I was last here. I need help to narrow down my list. I would appreciate your help. Can you tell me what your top 5 from the below list are? And bottom 5? In terms of what you heard here in feedback from other users, or your own experience.


    I found the above after searching here, reading feedback and so forth. They all offer what I want, Linux-based using Plesk.

    Prices (if anyone is interested) are attached

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    Oops, attachment didn't work in first post. Here it is.
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    Your PDF seems to be lacking column headers

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    In the end it depends on your needs, budget, what you're looking for and your personal experience with the company.

    Good luck!
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    I have been happy with my VPSLink VPS. Haven't been able to find another provider as good yet (I'm on their cheapest plan).. And believe me, I've tried more than a few companies now.

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    Hey, i just want to point out that i am with jaguarpc at the moment with a vps plan and their service is great I am quite happy. I switched to them from hostgator so support times feel a lot slower but they have knowledgeable staff and I dont mind the extra waiting especially since the cost is so low.
    I'm on their vpsone plan and its working out great so far.

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    Well I haven't used most of those providers so I can't really talk about them and IMHO you're missing a few of the top providers but that may be due to your budget/needs.

    Anyway if I had to pick the top ones from your list they would be (no particular order):

    Technically I was a customer of all of these at one point or another (but with Solarvps it was during a transition so my opinion of them is based more on how well they handled a very sensitive technical issue).

    The only one there that I had experience with and not a happy one was 1&1. You could not pay me to give them a try.

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    OOps!, I re-uploaded since the column headers were missing.

    >you're missing a few of the top providers
    Really? PErhaps ServInt and PowerVPS? ServInt is a bit above my budget. PowerVPS is my current host (over 3 years) and I am tired of them -- not what they use to be for me.

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    You also haven't clarified your requirements at all which will make it difficult to narrow down or make suggestions. For example, you have a mix of unmanaged and fully managed providers. How much RAM, disk space, what control panel, and what level of support do you actually require?
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    You need to have experience with all of them to say that one is better than other
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    Anyone has experience with 1and1? I didn't know they also have VPS until now.

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    Sure plenty of good ones not on your list, Knownhost, Wiredtree and others. But as RavC and others have mentioned you're all over the place (managed vs unmanaged hosts) and you haven't clearly defined your needs.

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    You actually have us in there wrong, we no longer use VEPortal, and have switched back to HyperVM. However, we sell cPanel as our major control panel for VPS servers.

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    I wouldn't trust that list. To get on it you need to pay a monthly fee and even then it has to do with the monitoring of that hosts website, not their overall network.
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    Here are my current specs:
    Description 256MB RAM, 10GB disk space
    Parallels Plesk Panel version 9.2.2
    Operating system Linux 2.6.9-023stab048.6-enterprise
    CPU AuthenticAMD, AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 246
    Average load 0.89; 0.69; 0.61

    Disk space
    3.5 GB free of 10.0 GB

    851.4 MB free of 1.0 GB

    Traffic 10.1 GB (max)

    CPU Capacity = 49.0%
    System capacity = 84.74%
    Disk space capacity = 65.1% - WordPress, light traffic - WordPress, vBulletin, moderate traffic, file transfers, forum can get busy at times - vBulletin, somewhere between light and moderate traffic - Expression Engine (might switch to WordPress), some file transfers

    I pay about $30 a month. My current host hardens the VPS and 'fully manages'


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    Oh, I forgot to say....

    I have been told that if you run a control panel on a VPS, expect that at least 1/2 of the RAM to be used up (and HD?) by the control panel.... thus leaving less for httpd, MySQL, etc..

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    Well the best most of the time depends on what you exactly need and as well as what your current budget for this, as for general service is concern, you pretty much have read the reviews of others since you've collected this list from other threads..

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    Thanks. I have selected my new host, Future Hosting. I have posted a quick impression review here (search VPS)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carlos View Post
    I have been told that if you run a control panel on a VPS, expect that at least 1/2 of the RAM to be used up (and HD?) by the control panel.... thus leaving less for httpd, MySQL, etc..
    Then you were told wrong. The actual control panel daemons take up next to no memory (10MB or even less) and the memory usage is determined by your applications (httpd, MySQL, Exim, SA, clamav etc.) and of course how much traffic they're getting.

    The only real differences in memory usage between panels (or running without a panel) is which apps are loaded as standard and how they're configured.

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