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    Thumbs up Wanted Windows 2008 Server with Highbandwidth on 100mpbs port

    I want to host "Chat Server" and require Windows 2008 Server with High bandwidth on 100mpbs port.

    Please suggest me the best web hosting company equivalent to theplanet, liquidweb that provides high bandwidth on 100mpbs port. Server should have the best uptime.

    What kind of Hardware configuration is suggested to host a chat server.


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    Check Handy Networks - We have all of our equipments with them and they have superb network with good amount of redundancy.
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    Core2Quad should be plenty for your hosting needs. You will find most dedicated server providers can also offer Windows 2008. If you require some for of management it is best to go with a company that is also offering other windows products.

    Did you have a location in mind?

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    Companies are not able to give you any deals here. So I advice you to check Offer section in WHT.
    Also can you tell us the following:
    2)Do you need Plesk or only windows OS?
    3) Your budget
    5)How much bandwidth you need, more then 10/15 Tb per month or less?

    maybe then it will be easily for us to help you

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    I would recommend softlayer. Absolute best at uptime and speed (=

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    Check out summer deals

    This one could suit your need

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    Also check out Limestone Networks. Their Windows 2008 Web Edition is free and with current promotion you can get up to 10,000GB bandwidth on 100mbps port. Good luck.

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