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    Mikey decides he wants to feel what its like when his dog gets shocked by the electric collar,watch him turn into the incredible hulk when he crosses the invisible fence

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    Haha. Great video.

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    Thanks for the share. I needed the laugh.
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    I actually tested doggy shock collars on myself before I would use them on my dogs. Trust me, they work, but dont hurt as bad as you might think. I use the ones with remote control to teach my dogs the property boundary. After a few times, they know they can only cross when with me. Even 5 years later, the dogs wont cross that boundary

    Anyway, a shock collar is most definitely less painful than a car...

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    Haha wow, funny how he crossed the boundary and didn't feel it and tried to get back in and felt it
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    Looks fake to me.

    My family dog used to have one of these when I was a kid. Every model had one constant/specific feature: A buzzer. It gave a audible warning before discharging, trying to teach the pet to avoid the boundary, before actually jolting it (both for the sake of training, minimizing cruelty, and battery conservation).

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    Quote Originally Posted by porcupine View Post
    Looks fake to me.
    Yes, the video does look a little bit fake, especially concerning his second "jolt". :-/

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