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    Hiring Sales Rep(s)

    We are looking for self-motivated, hard working, and outgoing sales rep(s) to secure new hosting/dedicated clients. Some past experience is welcomed;
    however we may give beginners a try, as long as you have some experience in the hosting field, and are willing to learn more.

    The main requirements are honesty and having a positive attitude, no matter what the situation is.

    Pay structure will be Percentage (%) Plus a Bonus based on performance.


    • Must be over 18 years old
    • Excellent written and verbal skills in the English language
    • Have a positive attitude at all times
    • Ability to follow instructions
    • Have a general understanding of various hosting services
    • Willing to seek out new leads to earn commission

    Most of our past clients have come to us through local businesses, professionals, referrals, and word of mouth and we have a great reputation.
    Lately we have been gaining a lot of clients through other online sources, and we would like to find the right person, or persons, to be a part of this.

    Limited partnership opportunity may be available for right person, in the near future.

    I will not answer PMs regarding this
    Send your info to jobs [AT]


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    I have sent you a mail.

    Thank you
    Matt Chariot Education & Technology Pvt. Ltd
    Experts in Technical Support, Server Management,Web Design, Web Development.
    Trial Period for 10 Days for Support and Server Management

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    We have been getting a lot of inquiries for jobs other than sales.

    As our original post states, we are currently only looking for sales rep(s)
    If you are looking for anything other than this position, please do not send your info

    Also, we are looking for "individual" rep(s) and not companies. Please individuals only!

    Thank you

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