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    Instant Website Load

    I'm in the process of setting up my adult tube site.

    I have seveal dedicated servers at Choopa already and 2 at pacificrack.

    I have purchased my dedicated media bandwidth from swiftway in Netherlands.

    Though for the website, I'm looking for nearly instant load of pages and image content from anywhere in the world.

    Will a cloud help?

    I will put my images on a CDN. Probably SimpleCDN for now. I need instant load in Japan, Hong Kong, Europe and USA.

    Can you put Dynamic PHP content on a CDN?

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    SimpleCDN not support PHP content even Akamai officially does not support PHP correct me if I am wrong

    better to use CDN for deliver your media if you can spend $$$
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    You will have do do a huge load balancing in case of 'instant' page loads. This will cost some $$$

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