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    Hiring a programmer/PHP developer


    We are seeking a programmer/PHP programmer who can develop a new Wireless hotspot system for us.

    We currently have a few hotspot's systems running however it requires a physical person to sell the login password etc.

    What we require is a system just like:

    We can use Windows Internet Connection sharing for the hotspot's. This is what I would like the system to do:

    How we currently have it setup (and how Antamedia have their's is you have a PC with Windows, enable internet connection sharing and requires 2 NICs)

    We have PC's with 2 NICs, NIC 1 for direct Internet connection from our Modem/Router then NIC 2to go to a switch or wireless access points.
    This is being used with Windows Internet Connection sharing.

    I would like the software to be auto loaded from the server(hotspot) when somebody connects to the hotspot from their laptop/computer.

    They then are required to enter in First Name, Last Name, Phone No. and email address. Once they create an account they choose which internet plan they would like eg. 15 minutes = $3 when they select this it should go to another page confirming the plan they want and have a link and a check box to agree to the TOS. When they click submit it should direct them to PayPal so they can pay via Credit Card or their PayPal account. Also having a "pay by cash" option where they have to pay at the counter of the cafe or hotel would be nice .

    We have all servers and wireless access points to make this work etc. We recommend having a look at Antamedia software so you can understand what I mean we would just like something custom with our own logo and own system.

    Please email me [email protected] if you have any questions or can give me some quotes. We are looking to get started on this ASAP, so get in touch

    - W4 Networks

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    Anyone else??
    - W4 Networks

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