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    new layout idea need comments

    well this site is basically a comunity type webpage.

    right now i am 60% finished with the page and would like some input before i upload it on the web i know you cant really get a feel for it as its just an image but i am just wanting a review of the basic layout for now.please note there will be small glass medicine pill buttons on the crome bar under the header they just have to have the text added is all and they will be there

    also what i need is something to put in the window on top of polls i was thinking weather, sports updates, or something along those lines

    anyways thanx in advance for the replys here is the gif
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    Well first off, the header image needs to loose that stuff around the letters, it looks like someone just poored gas on it. Second, im not very fond of the font you chose for the titles of the boxes. Id body more towards the center, too. The image is too tall up up top, it goes over the rest of the page; try and fix that. Also, i dont really like how you added the dark colour to the sides of the boxes. For the most part, the colours of the body blend, especially the scroll bars in the body.

    For the poll, it depends on what type of a community this is. Local -- weather. Sports -- sport headlines. You get the point..

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    cool man thanx for your insight i was thinking of doing the change to the main text and the "gas" effect cause it looked too tie-dye looking and the boxes are off center due to the fact they are layers not tables and when in 800 x 600 mode they are perfectly centered that one thing i will need to tweak too and the image up top like i said is going to be the navagation to the site thats why it looks so tall just havent added buttons yet

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