Hi Guys,

I have two Virtuozzo Nodes with upto 10 containers on each of them.

The EZ Centos template on each Node is different.

Now when I restore the VPS from backup of NODE 1 onto NODE 2, it fails due to different version of OS template on NODE 2.

Now it seems to be a problem if we decide to update the OS template on both Nodes to the latest version and than apply those to the individual containers since this will break applications (Plesk/cPanel etc) within the container and you dont really know what is running inside each container.

I had a problem where one NODE died and I wasnt able to restore containers from backup.

Only advice i have been given so far is not to update the OS template and keep a copy of the /vz/template files as a backup for Node.

How do others handle this issue ?

thanks for your help.

.ps If anyone has extensive experience in this issue please PM me, willing to pay for good advice/solution