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Thread: Craigslist?

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    I know some hosts use eBay to sell hosting, has anyone tried craigslist? If so, how does it work for you?
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    I used Craigslist when I sold my first car. I sold my car in about 3 to 4 days. Overall I like it, very easy to use. I would use it again depending on what I'm selling. But, I never purchased items from Craigslist.
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    Actually, I have used Craigslist to advertise my own private hosting business InteractComputers. I don't think it is amazing for bringing in customers, but I did grab a few. Worth a shot! Just remember to follow their rules and posting regulations otherwise your post is bound to be flagged.
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    I've never tried it personally but it's an interesting idea, i might have to give it a shot

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    I've tried it recently with poor results. 2 people actually contacted me and asked about our free hosting (we don't offer that). They just assumed everyone did I guess.

    We don't bother with it for business advertising anymore. It works GREAT for selling merchandise, however. Sold more on Craigslist in the last 90 days than the last year on eBay.
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    I haven't tried with the hosting business but I did advertise about my computer building services - I get a call here and there about it with an occasional order.

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    This is very interesting but I personally do not think you should go to craiglist and ebay to sell hosting (or any other non tangible services) because it looks very unprofessional in the long run. You should only use it if you have tangible items to sell. IMHO
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