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    Anyone have any positive/negative reviews with

    Any one have any thing to share with us regarding the hosting company (located in UK)?

    According to their awards page:
    "#1 UK Budget Web Hosting Provider - UK Web Host Directory - June 2009"

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    I'd take the ranking with a pinch of salt, since we joined the directory we've had numerous offers that would make us eligible for those awards - the more you spend with them, the higher and more they shout your name

    I don't believe are UK based are they?

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    Review, reward, or ranking websites for web hosting providers are often dominated by providers with an unlimited ad budget to be "ranked" as #1 for any chosen category. It's best to find customer reviews instead of following what a website has "ranked" for hosting providers. You'll get much more accurate feedback.

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    You might want to try and do a search here maybe you can find something about them. You can also try to google them.

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