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    Prevent Data Loss During Move

    I am moving from one VPS to another. I went ahead and transferred all the php files over to the new VPS. I also uploaded a database back up just to ensure everything was up and running on the new host. I confirmed everything is ready to be used and all I need to do is update the dns servers for the domain. Whats the best way to prevent data loss while the DNS is propagating.

    I had a theory but not sure it will work. I hope this makes since.. I was thinking of telling the new server to read from the database on the old server, give it 2 days to make sure the DNS has propagating, close the site for 20-30 minuets while I grab a db back up and transfer it to the new host, reconfigure the site to read off the database on the new server. Then reopen with only about 30 minuets of down time and no data lost.

    Any suggestions?

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    disable anything that writes to a database or make the files on the old server connect remotely to the new server

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    Better connect your application on old server to DB running on new server, that way your DB on new server is the live one, does not matter where the visitors are connecting to.

    Change DNS, some visitors will be going to Old one some to new one, but your DB on new one will be the live one.
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    Well I guess I was on the right patch, just had the idea backwards, thanks!

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