In an effort to show the world a glimpse of the great service UNIXy offers to its VPS and dedicated server customers, we are launching this one-time special. Today, we are taking requests for custom scripts that can do just about anything and everything.

As a fully managed service provider, we do not charge current customer for any such request. In fact, we do not charge customers for labor regardless of the task at hand. Pay one flat monthly fee and never pay again. Here's a sample list of scripts requests (in no way all-comprehensive):

  • Perform actions based on load average
  • Perform actions based on connection counts
  • Periodically backup MySQL and/or content
  • Dynamically regulate server load
  • Generate server reports
  • Automate manual jobs
  • Crawl databases for specific information
  • Script to delete log files
  • Script to kill certain tasks
  • Script to compare files
  • Script that will tally up accounts (ex: /etc/passwd)
  • Script that removes files or directories older than X hours, days, months, etc.
  • Script that can crawl HTML files to certain words or phases
  • Search for scripts with certain extensions and delete or quarantine them
  • Script that replaces a word or phrase with another
  • Script that emails you file content or currently logged in users
  • Script that can automatically FTP files
  • Script that backs up MySQL table or database every X minutes, hours, days
  • Script that run every X minutes or hours and sets correct permissions on folder or files
  • Etcetera

  • Price: as low as $10 and vary depending on the request.

Consultations for script requests are free! So get in touch with us today for a quote: sales AT unixy DOT net.

Have a great weekend!