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    * Request for server!

    Hi Cool Guys,

    I need dedicated server or a host for uploading my movies, If it'll be a share host it's better too!
    I have 20$ or 25$ budget for it per month and i need 500 GB Bandwidth and 20 GB space per month!


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    Can you explain more about this VPS section!
    Of course this place is not for vps so the manager can omit my post!

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    As per your requirement and budget, I suggest that, you should go for VPS.
    You can check various VPS Hosting Offers here

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    A VPS would allow you better control for delivering your content, as well as not being banned or removed from a shared server due to excessive resource usage.

    The VPS section being referred to are the following:


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    Definitely look into the VPS section, ask for recommendations there.

    Report your Post to the Mods and they will move your thread to the right section. - ★★ Managed VPS / Budget Servers / Colocation ★★
    Facilities : Atlanta, Buffalo and Las Vegas
    Web : http://www.serverlogix.comContact Us

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