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    Building A Server Chassis

    My brother and I are working on building a custom server chassis, he is a mechanical engineer and we have all the needed machines, scrap, etc.. necessary for this project.

    Anyways I am looking for some information which i know has to be somewhere whether its in a book, on the net, or whatever, regarding basic measurements such as the dimensions of a hot-sway bay, type of screw ports needed, anything along those lines. If anyone has any idea or even just a hunch of where I might be able to find all this out that would be great.

    Anyways thank you for the help, and i hope this is the right section for this topic.

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    I would have put this up in one of the main forum topics...

    Many come down here, but this section tends to be more of the desktop crap. You know, the fluffy stuff.

    Far as answering your questions, I don't know... we have so many different configs on our data center, I'm not sure there is a "standard" for what you are asking. Although, I don't get in there much, outside of setting up a server here and there. Actually, I'm not sure I fully understand your question. Google would be great for something like this...
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    I'd recommend buying a cheap case so that you can get the dimensions you need, don't think theirs any good listings for that kind of stuff

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