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    Google Checkout


    We currently use Google Checkout to process our credit card purchases whilst we wait for our Merchant account but every order from clients apart from USA clients, it puts through as "Under Customer Review" and stays there for no less than 24 hours.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?


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    Under Customer Review is standard and is pretty much a fraud check.

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    I get that from even US clients but it never takes more than an hour and usually much less than that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by powerMonster-Scott View Post
    I get that from even US clients but it never takes more than an hour and usually much less than that.
    usually it's 15 minutes cooling period, if client done error by purchasing from you, after that the Google validating the cc details and pass the order to you to process.
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    Thanks guys

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    Quote Originally Posted by VPSRight View Post
    Thanks guys

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    VPSRight, are you happy about Google Checkout? We are thinking to integrate this option to our website. Web Hosting - First class web hosting services.
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    What are the other options besides Google Checkout? We're shopping around and we appreciate your opinions.

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