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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, just thought i'd come to familiarize myself with a few people and tell you a bit about myself.

    As you may have noticed by my name, I run a VPS hosting company called XENnode.

    My name is Andrew Serpanchy, and i'm from Victoria, Australia. I'm into high end computers, overclocking....and watercooling!!!

    And of course playing around with virtual servers using XEN.

    The business I run is for VPS hosting only, started it not too long ago and i was advised to make an account here to chat to other hosters.

    So, hi everyone

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    Hello XENnode, welcome. Enjoy your visits.

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    Hi Andrew - and welcome aboard!!
    Sounds good - hope business is going well for you in Aus .. I look forward to your active participation and contributions in the forums.

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