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  1. #1 does anyone know about them?

    I found They came as the first found item in my google search for "receive visa card payment ecommerce".

    Does anyone know them. I am looking for a company that will allow me to receive visa card payments in my website. Geographically I am in Panama and paypal and google checkout does not offer this service for my region yet.

    I would appreciate if anyone could share with me his/her experience with

    Thank you,

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    3,379 has been around for a long time in the merchant processing industry and they are an established provider. They primarily serve the U.S. market so I'm not sure if they would have a solution that would work for you in Panama. I believe that has a relationship with 2Checkout and perhaps others.

    You may want to also look into Durango Merchant Services in that they work with many international merchants from various regions. Best of luck with your search! - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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