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    i need some help

    hi i curently have a server at ecatel

    cpu e220 with 3 gb of ram

    i only host one site

    with about 6-7 k per day users nothing moer

    i ma beeing atacked with http floods

    bcs all of them are atacking at port 80

    i hae installed litespeed but that could not do the job to
    im looking for someone who can setup a good protection for litespeed + csf or apf firewall i have all installed but maybe i dont know the trick if someone can setup it good and maybe can track were the atack is coming from

    pm me
    thank you

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    we made some adjustments in the ddos protection of your server. it should do the trick.
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    ok thank you ecatel staff

    because im really satisfied with ur netowrk and bandwith and server speed and evrtyhign jsut tihs atack really disapointed me

    i hope i get this resolved because all they do 99% is they do http atack and flood

    thank you again

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