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    * Not able to view log files. Help

    Hey guys I'm having problem viewing my error log files. Check screenshot

    Why is there a 'lock' icon instead of the 'folder' icon

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    did you ever try to access them vis a command line ?

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    Are you logged in as the user root ?

    Can you login using Putty/command line using SSH into the server and post the output of the following command ?

    ls -ald /etc/httpd/logs
    ls -ald /var/log/
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    not enough permissions maybe?

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    Can you tell me how you are connecting the server.I mean user name.I think its something like permission issue.
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    I think you are login as username which doesn't have privellges, so login as root and run following command at shell prompt.

    tail -f /usr/local/apache/logs/error_log
    Apache error logs directory on cpanel: /usr/local/apache/logs/

    other important logs files can be found in /var/log directory

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    As others have said it looks like a permission issue. Try to open the file through SSH and make sure you have su (root) permissions to eliminate any possibility that your current account is restricted.

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