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    Question any domain name hoster comparable to


    I have a couple of domains registered thru Except for one domain, everything is working quite fine.

    But this one domain permanently causes trouble and is not reachable very often.

    It seems obvious to me that my domain name entries are hosted on different servers at NameCheap. This one domain which causes trouble seems to be on a different (and instable) server than the rest.

    I often tried to convince the support staff at NameCheap to move the problem-domain to a different server but they keep ignoring my request, so I would like to move a away this domain from NameCheap to a different domain name services.

    Any opinions on what to choose?

    I really like the features, so I would like to be as close as possible to them. Most important to me are:

    - Privacy Protection /WhoIs Guard
    - Stable and modern web interface to edit all domain name entries
    - URL forwarding / URL cloaking
    - park domains
    - Registrar lock
    - same pricing as NameCheap

    Thanks for your input.
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    Could you please let me know any ticket or chat IDs that you have from your correspondence with us so I can look into this further?

    Matthew Russell | Namecheap
    Twitter: @mattdrussell - hosting from a registrar DONE RIGHT!

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    Just sent you a private msg.
    The most beautiful girls of the German TV series "Schloss Einstein" (Einstein High)

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