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    572 = Smokin!

    Just thought i'd post a quick initial review of

    I've had a shared account with an Aussie host since 2006 (Jumba) but things have gone pear shaped there with an 18 hour and 10 hour downtime in the past 2 days which were simple 5 minute fixes.

    My requirements were pretty simple, i wanted quality, not massively oversold servers and something reliable rather than petabytes of storage/bandwidth for pennies. Anyhow, after trawling WHT for a few hours and doing a ton of reverse IP lookups to see how various hosts clients sites loaded i opted for Down Town Host because it was important to have fairly snappy page loads. They also had a good reputation everywhere i looked.

    I sent a pre-sales ticket regarding their usage of phpSuExec which would of been around 2am their time. It was replied to 4 minutes later with a satisfactory answer.

    That was just icing on the cake and sealed the deal, money changed hands and things were set.

    I got their smallest "Shared Bronze", pre-paid 1 year which i don't like doing but the discount was good and i had faith based on my research. I also used a coupon found here for an additional 25% off.

    Anyhow a picture speaks a thousand words, 30 minutes from tapping the PayPal button to being told my account had been transferred across and i just need to switch my DNS. That's it, 30 minutes to sign up, submit my old cpanel login and paste in my new Nameservers at Namecheap and i am fully switched over to my sites new home.

    I can't say anything about their uptime or long term yet, i will update this in a few months but so far support has been second to none.

    Thumbs up to Sebastian who handled everything, and to

    Submitting my site to the moderators for confirmation.
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    Thank you very much for the review. Please update us on the months to come DTH has good rep here though
    Nice review

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    Thanks for sharing your initial impressions on DTH. As you said they have pretty good reputation everywhere. I have seen only good feed backs about them. So hope they will keep your faith on their services with out any doubt. Looking forward to see your update after a couple of months.

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    Submitting my site to the moderators for confirmation.
    Domain received and it is fitting the hosting history that you described.

    i will update this in a few months
    Sounds perfect.

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    I'm glad this was a good review... I wasn't entirely sure if "Smokin!" was good or bad LOL!

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    Always good to here of the initial review. Though they are a good host so it should remain the same but let us know a more when you've been there a while. | 10+ Years of Web Hosting Experience!
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    Thanks everyone, and thanks ldcdc for verifying.

    So far all good my DNS is fully resolved everywhere, server loads are low and pageloads are fast. The server i'm on is LiteSpeed and in Chicago, and ping for me from the East Coast of Australia is 231ms (WHT is 268ms as comparison).

    MikeDVB lol in this case Smokin = Fast!

    I was really shocked to be able to pay, get my account activated "and" and have my site transferred by support all in 30 minutes flat on shared hosting. Plus i got a good answer in 4 minutes for my initial pre-sales question, this all happened from 2am onwards also.

    With the WHT coupon and 12 month payment bonuses it works out at $6.04 a month.

    Now my DNS is fully updated everywhere, i will stick a 2 minute monitor on it and update this in a few months on how the uptime and availability is.

    Thanks everyone.

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    Thanks for the review. I've never heard anything but good things about DTH! Keep up the great work.
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    It is good to start off with a a bang. Keep up the good work DTH.
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    Good to see they are still treating people the way I remember them.
    They are still on my great host list.

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    we've been with DowntownHost for just over a year now. It has been nothing short of fantastic. We haven't had such solid support since the early days of Media Temple. There have been a couple hiccups due to problem users on a shared environment but anytime that arises the support has been swift and awesome.

    thanks you DTH


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    Great review! Thank you for taking the time to write a reviews of your personal experience with the company. Best of luck to you!
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