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    Decided to go dedicated

    I think I have finally decided to go dedicated. I have an account with resellerzoom now, and they have just gone to crap. I hate that they have started to get so many bad reviews, and they used to be great.

    I just can't decide who to go with now. Thinking about hostgator?

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    Hostgator very well known company, cant go wrong with them, try the search function to find some reviews.


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    The main thing that I can suggest, is that when you have a shortlist of providers, test them.

    Log tickets with them, see how long it takes them to reply, see the quality of their reply - ie. do they know what they are talking about?

    Don't just decide on price.

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    I think always better to go with who own servers and data center not resellers providers

    second case, you may think about quality of services and what kind of support you need from them

    ex : If you know how to maintain and managed server then you can go with unmanaged provider because it save some $$$ , but if you don't know about server managed then you may need to go with managed server company

    There are lot of things you may need to consider before select servers provider
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