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    * Super High End cPanel Reseller W / 150GB of Bandwidth!

    v3Host, is pleased to annouce that we're now offering Reseller Plans to our customers. With our outstanding Support & Quality Customer Service you can't beat this deal! We're offering the following plan(s) for a limited time only!

    All accounts include the following:

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

    6.5GB Of Space
    150GB Of Mutil Homed Bandwidth!
    Host Unlimited Domains
    cPanel 5.3 & WebHost Manager
    Bluetrix & RedTrix + The Sim Family
    Quality Customer Support
    ultra Fast Servers & Connections
    5 Dedicated IPS (upon Arin usage)
    Private Nameservers
    One Click Auto Installer with over 10+ Programs!

    Only $20.00 Monthly

    We have a Support Community to allow our customers to discuss things between each other. Please view to see what our clients have to say about our services! We will be launching some AMAZING Reseller Plans & Shared plans within the next few weeks. But this offer is a limited time so don't miss it!

    Your accounts will be setup on our latest Dual 1.13GHZ, 512 Of Ram, 80GB 7,200 RPM Hard Drive. The servers are located in 55 Marietta. Your account will be setup within 24 hours of payment. If you're interstered please contact Sales at sales[at] or e-mail me personally at dave[at] Remember we Take Hosting To The Next Level!

    If you're a current or previous BrightLightWebsites customer and are looking for a home or a FrontDrive customer and we will match or beat there pricing!!!!!! Please e-mail blws[at] or frontdrive[at]
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    "The Sim Family" ?

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    Originally posted by gRF
    "The Sim Family" ?

    The Sim family is a cPanel skin which is producted by CPSkins please send sales an e-mail and we will glady help you out in anyway possible.

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    Everyone that has e-mailed and ordered has an account setup now and working. . We hope you enjoy our services!.

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    We're still offering this plan. If you're interstered please contact me.

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    Aren't you timmy, hawking DV2 servers?
    <:<: [Fruit eating linux administrator]

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    Originally posted by pixelONE
    . . . . . .
    We have a Support Community to allow our customers to discuss things between each other. . . . . .
    Would that be This Community?
    I was thinking you may be a good fit for a project, but I really enjoy input from other members.
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    Hi again. I just tried to order but it seems your ordering system is still down. I hope it's still available tomorrow.

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    How long is this offer continuing until? I may not be able to purchase it for another month, but I sure want to.

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    Why is the name of this host all asterisks now?


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