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    Arrow MySQL has gone away

    In my PHPBB forum or any other script which use MYSQL in that sometimes i encountereted an error "MYSQL has gone away" on refreshing this problem is gone... please tell me what can be solution of this, i noticed this problem more when i am on slow internet connection and page taking time to load due to slow internet connection.

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    Try increasing wait_timeout value in my.cnf by 60 second increments until it goes away. Your must restart mysql after you modify my.cnf for the setting to take affect. If it is not there then add it.
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    Thanks, btw what can be the optimized value. Currently wait_timeout set to 10.

    Any other value also need to be increased...?

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    I would increase it at 60 for starters and go from there. after 60 try 120,240 and so on.
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    you mean... if high traffic then increase the value accordingly..?

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    No. It doesnt need to be that high. Probably around 120 maybe 140 is as high as you need to go. It is a set it and leave it setting.
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    You get these errors if you send a query to the server that is incorrect or too large. If mysqld receives a packet that is too large or out of order, it assumes that something has gone wrong with the client and closes the connection.

    Try to increase the max_allowed_packet to 8MB. The entry should be as following in my.cnf:

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    the value id already high in my settings..


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