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    Exclusive, Premium, Beautiful Template (PSD + XHTML Coding) For Sale

    I commissioned to create this design for me about four months ago. I was planning to develop it, but lack of time has caught up with me, and I now wish to sell it.

    The buyer of this template will receive all rights to the design, code, and everything associated with it. You will own the design and its code exclusively.

    So in summary, this is a sale for:
    - the attached design below, PSD format, exclusive rights
    - a coded up version of the template, which I will show to interested buyers (but will not link to).

    Please contact me with offers.

    This is also being sold at:

    DESIGN (Watermarked):

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    Looks like a very nice design.
    But the watermarks, I know they are a evil necessity, but it doesn't do much justice for the design, maybe lighten them down some more

    They are harder to remove if they are transparent to the background.
    But overall, I like the design, Good job.

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    I will offer $65 USD. - for all your Hosting needs
    Helping people Host, Create and Maintain their Web Site
    ServerAdmin Services also available

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    75 USD here

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    It's a very nice design, he is however looking for $1200 as I already asked him via PM : )

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    I'm actually looking for around $950 now. Again, it comes with the HTML coding and the PSD with exclusive rights.

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    Its a very nice design...good luck with this sale.
    If you're the smartest person in the room then you're in the wrong room

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    Will sell for 850. Looking for quick sale.

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