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    I am in Canada, 80% of my customer come from USA, so I need to accept USD on my site. I have canadian business number but not an usa business number.

    Is there another resellers fit my need?

    what about EVO?

    their price looks good too:

    Visa/MasterCard Rate 1.99%
    Per Transaction Fee $0.25
    EVO Monthly Service Fee $8.95
    Authorize.Net Gateway Fee $10.00
    Processing Minimum $0-$25
    Account Closure Fee NONE
    Application/Set Up Fee NONE

    Now what are these Incidental Fees?

    Non-Qualified Rate 3.50%
    Voice Authorization Fee $0.95
    ACH Reject Fee $25.00
    Retrieval Fee $10.00
    Chargeback Fee $20.00

    Will I be charged a qualified rate or non qualified?

    Do you know any other providers?


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    I am wondering about

    They seem to have competitive prices but I am wondering if anyone around could provide any feedback about them.

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