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    One server - File - Two users editing it, third errors out?

    There is 1000MBPS network set up between three computers and server.

    Server has files which program saves.

    Program is being run in three different computers.

    Each computer tries to get into same file (eg last bill) that was created before. First computer goes in within seconds. second minutes and third just crashes. No matter which computer runs it first, last one crashes.

    So called "server" is running on Windows XP pro since it just needs to keep one program files. However I cant find out whats causing file sharing over network bug that crashes access to same file if connection from many computers.

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    Which program are you using to save the file? not sure if I understand correctly. Are you just saving a word document on the server via windows file sharing? Or is there a program that saves a file to the remote server?
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    Hello can you be a bit more detailed? what program are you running on the XP machine?

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    Are you using just one file? Usually such programs and architectures are using some sort of DB but not one simple file.

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    I think its susposed to allow only one user to edit one file at same time.

    More detailed:

    Program is made so it downloads all files from database into PC RAM.
    Then starts program. Delphi programming language of somekind.
    Program is selfmade by another company so its nameless.

    They claim there is no way to use it externally.
    It does work externally but is quite slow due to loading all files from database before starting into PC RAM.
    Is there any way to force it download only required files into RAM. Not all of them?

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    it is possible via conecpt of file locking methods inside the software develmnt sessions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ianeeshps View Post
    it is possible via conecpt of file locking methods inside the software develmnt sessions.
    That can only be done by actual person who created the program not end user if Im correct?

    In that case how hard would it be for them? - Currently they are claiming it requires re-writing from scratch to work like that externally.

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    Based on general programming principles, it would not require rewriting from scratch; they might however need to rewrite the file access portion, or at least parts of it.

    To say more would require actual knowledge of the program code and the language it was written in. Professionally written code should have this already thought out.

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