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    VPS p2v into ESX?

    I may not be using the correct terminology here (please forgive my lack of experience in this field)... I was wondering if/how it would be possible to take (what seems to be) a fairly large sprawl of web hosters' servers (using various technologies) and virtualize them (in whichever state they are in now, and move them to (more) robust infra within a VMWARE deployment. Vmware claims to be able to virtualize any physical host... WOuld it then follow that p2v's could be performed on host that are currently "VPS" servers?

    Any help would be appreciated...

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    p2v is physical to virtual, ie using the vmware tools on the current server and changing it to a VPS. Vmware can, and does a good job in this are

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    we have a public vmware cloud... would anyone be interested in testing out their vps servers on this cloud (for free of course)

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    I would be interested, feel free to sent me an private message with further information.

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    I don't think I have enough posts to pm yet... ANy other means of contact?

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    I sent you an private message with my contact details.

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