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    TeamVPS two weeks review

    As a customer for two weeks, I have facing 3 times offline in this two weeks.
    First time they say they are facing DDOS attack, but this two times? At the moment i am facing third downtime now, almost down for more than 10 hours.... I submit a support ticket about 8 hours ago,but their support just disappear......never reply
    I will suggest anyone who want to have VPS with them to think again.
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    Sorry for hear about your bad experience, have you tried calling them?

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    not yet,,,I want to know how many hours they will reply my ticket and fix problems....

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    sorry to hear that this one of the earlier ones I looked at originally, but after some searches I went against it. I haven't heard to many bad things regarding another cheaper VPS company I was looking into But I havent checked into them recently. Best of luck and I hope teamvps comes through for you.

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    Done... vps is ok now
    as I know, 11 hours down..

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    As we wrote you in your support ticket it was only your VPS that was down (because for some reason you did not boot it in HyperVM). No node was down nor was the network down. You can always check to see if a node or our network is down with our realtime uptime stats monitored by a 3rd party.

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