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    498 - 3+ year old Image Hosting website

    Today is a sad day . I am offering up for sale, a free ImageHosting service website. I am the original, sole owner of this website, which I started up back in June of 2006. The site has grown tremendously over the past few years, and is a awesome project for anyone that wants to take it over. I have other priorities in my life at this moment, and would love to see someone else manage and further the site than it be run into the ground due to my inability and inactivity at this time.

    Whats Included?

    Catchy Domain: is registered through Group until 15-May-2010. This domain is VERY easily remembered by users and goes great with the site's overall theme! I worked very hard to get this premium name back in the day.

    Perfectly Constructed System/Script: The script that powers is 100% unique and custom designed specifically for this website ONLY. It supports Guest and registered user uploads with various permissions set for each.

    Guest users simply get to upload images and get codes for them like you do on ImageShack or Tinypic.

    Registered users get a lot more cool benefits like multi uploads, user galleries which they can share with others, ability to restrict access to certain folders in their galleries, manage all uploads, etc, etc. Much like PhotoBucket.

    I invite you to please register on the website and use it so that you can see the awesome features of the website.

    Complete Admin Control Panel: The admin panel for allows you to easily manage the entire website from one area. Some of the main features include:

    Upload Management

    * Today's Uploads
    * Yesterday's Uploads
    * Filter By Date
    * Filter By Username
    * Filter By IP Address
    * Filter By Image Name

    User Management

    * Registered Users
    * Find Registered User
    * Banned Users
    * Find Banned User

    Here are some screenshots of the admin panel:

    Unique, Professional Design: The design for was designed and coded with it's name in mind. This website loads fast and is coded with 100% valid XHTML and CSS. The theme is beautiful and takes a lighthearted approach with comical "nerds" and colors used throughout. Javascript libraries and Ajax are used throughout to make the end-user experience all the more better!


    Current Revenue: $20-30 /month off adsense
    I'm not very good with adsense placements and strategies, so someone with more knowledge than I in this department I'm sure could definitely make a lot more off of ads than I have.

    The private advertising is pretty easy to get customers for as well whenever I put up ads on other webmaster sites and forums about it.


    Current Traffic: ~20,000 uniques /month

    2006 -
    2007 -
    2008 -
    2009 -

    As you can see, the site gets really good traffic. Someone with a bit of knowledge can definitely take advantage of these traffic numbers and make some money.

    Payments Accepted: Paypal (must be verified and legit), Money Order, Check.

    Starting Bid: $1000 USD

    It's been fun running the website, but it's time for someone else to take over.

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    Forgot to add.

    Usage to date:
    Total Uploads: 175932
    Registered Users: 1120

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    how many GB is the MySQL DB, and the rest of the site?

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    What kind of server is this hosted on, and what are the costs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by venkatam View Post
    how many GB is the MySQL DB, and the rest of the site?
    About 22GB total at the moment.

    Quote Originally Posted by The Stealthy One View Post
    What kind of server is this hosted on, and what are the costs?
    I currently host it on one of my private servers with about 50 other sites.

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    getting a 403 error
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