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    I registered a domain with But it still shows up as available. It doesnt even show that a request is pending. Thats unbelievable. I contacted them but they havent replied.
    I wouldnt use them.

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    Msg me the domain and I will check it for you.

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    Its a .dk for Denmark. I know it says it takes 24-72 hours to get active but shouldnt it be blocked for others to register. I typed in the name and hit check and it says its available so i clicked on register and it would have let me register it again isnt that strange?

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    This has happened to me on a couple of domains. I was allowed to register a domain, which appeared as available, but in reality was not. What happens is that when the name is registered but not filtered down the first one to register it gets it. The others that come later get rejection notices.
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    i have used a few times, mainly for dropped domains, and it processes as if you have the domain registered, but later you find out that you didnt get it.
    Kind of an unusual system, but are not a bad company.
    I contacted them but they havent replied.
    They usually reply, they just take a little longer than most other companies, they are a lot better than network solutions, at least with someone will actually email you with a response.

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    Originally posted by hostjet
    They usually reply, they just take a little longer than most other companies, they are a lot better than network solutions, at least with someone will actually email you with a response.
    My first post here because I can't stop myself from responding.

    Last november (2001) I tried to register 22 .biz domains at company) soon after the launch of .biz . They charged my credit card for all 22 domains and actually registered only one domain against my order. When I contacted them with support ticket they told me domains were not available. When I asked them about charge on my CC then they registered 19 more domains in my name and accepted their error some 6 days later.

    There was no reply to my emails and support tickets for refund of 2 domains that they failed to registered (those 2 domains were registered by someone else when namebargain was sleeping on my order).

    Finally I got the refund for 2 domains in march, 2002 (after 3 months + ). That too after I started some 20 support tickets (most of the tickets were closed without any action).

    What I learned from my experience? Stay away from and at any cost. They are big brothers of netsol.


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    I agree with Ithink stay away from

    I tried to register a .dk domain with they charged my credit card and then i got the email below.

    Email from

    In order to protect and our valued customers, we require the
    following information from the billing contact associated with the above

    A photocopy of a government-issued photo ID.
    A signed statement giving authorization to maintain the charges
    associated with the domain name(s)
    Valid Billing Contact Information, including:
    Name as it appears on Card
    Billing Address for Card (Street Number)
    Postal Code

    Please fax the required information to the following numbers:

    I wrote them 2 times telling them i dont see any reason why i should have to fax them my id and stuff because i think thats very strange. After my first reply the only thing i got was a Final Notice.
    Then after my second reply i got an email telling me they removed all my rights to the domain.

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    Did they credit your card?

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    They said they did but my credit card company hasnt gotten anything.

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    Well this is sure the last time i ever had anything to do with

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    Identity papers?

    As per the rules regulating .DK domains stated on:

    "Who can be the registrant of a .dk domain?

    All - also foreign - legal bodies can apply for a .dk domain through a Registrar and thus receive user rights to a Danish domain. "

    Since there is no country specific regulations govening the registrations so there should not have been any need of photo ID for registration atleast.

    They could have asked you to fax a copy of front and back of credit card or authorization form with signature. But photo ID?

    As I said earlier they are big brothers of Netsol. No wonder once little known regsitrars like godaddy are gaining ground at a fast speed.


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