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Thread: site validation

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    site validation

    does site validation affect the site to be search engine friendly

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    Pulled from website about validation:

    HTML validation identifies the errors in your pages that can act as stumbling blocks for search engine spiders. Rectifying these errors will help increase your site's ranking on search engines. Some of the prominent ways in which HTML Validation helps in making you pages search engine friendly are:

    * It finds out the HTML errors that cause a longer loading time. Generally, the search engines find it difficult to index pages that load slowly.
    * It checks whether the META tags are written properly. Improper tags can confuse the spiders and they may not be able to spot the right keywords.
    * It suggests changes, such as adding alt messages to images, which help increase the keyword density in your page and the search engine ranking.

    HTML validation is an essential part of search engine optimization. Failing to validate your site's HTML code may make your site slow to load, appear incorrectly on different browsers, and rank low on search engines. Therefore, it is better to validate HTML code before submitting a site to search engines.

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    Dear Payton,

    thanks for the vauable advice, i will do that

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    Great insights by Payton. True, HTML and CSS validation can make a huge impact on your site's functionality and compatibility as well as search engine visibility.

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    Do not build sites for search engines.

    Build sites for customers first and this will reflect in the search engines.

    Validation can solve problems with slow page load times, se robots being able to crawl website, etc.

    Validation will only help your website.

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