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    Can vmware ESX 4.0 be used to virtualize VPS servers

    I may not be using the correct terminology here (please forgive my lack of experience in this field)... I was wondering if/how it would be possible to take (what seems to be) a fairly large sprawl of web hosters' servers (using various technologies) and virtualize them (in whichever state they are in now, and move them to (more) robust infra within a VMWARE deployment. Vmware claims to be able to virtualize any physical host... WOuld it then follow that p2v's could be performed on host that are currently "VPS" servers?

    Any help would be appreciated...

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    Hi! wouldn't want to even try to have a VPS server on a VM. I did once..but my goals were simple. I wanted to switch out the normal kernel for the openvz one..and wanted some amount of safety to it..a test run if you will.

    VMs can't run from within VM's.

    I could go into further detail..but I really don't think it is necessary.

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    VMs can run from within VMs (I've seen OpenVZ in Xen in VMware)

    It's just not a nice thing to do, for anyone

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    Quote Originally Posted by quantumphysics View Post
    VMs can run from within VMs (I've seen OpenVZ in Xen in VMware)

    It's just not a nice thing to do, for anyone
    Yeap. I dont see why someone would do this besides testing or maybe if your drunk...

    But Vmware can run Xen. Not sure if the opposite is true. Both Xen and Vmware can run OpenVZ since its not a real virtualization but just a OS splitting, said that Virtuozzo neither OpenVZ can run Vmware or Xen. That should said something about how powerful each technology is and how well it emulates a physical server.

    Now, if you want to go further, run Virtuozzo inside Xenserver that runs inside VmWare and run all of this on the cloud...

    Honestly, why would you want to virtualize a VPS (Virtual Private Server). You think if you zip a zip file its going to be smaller? Its completely stupid to virtualize a virtualized server.

    This just reminds me people that install OpenVZ over their cPanel servers so they can offer both shared hosting and VPS and then they decide to install on the same server Xen as well and even stream services from the node and even use it as a game server!!!
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    Your question asks if this is possible and IT IS. However, as has already been mentioned your asking for trouble...

    ESX is awesome. And if you just want to take an image of 1 vps and convert it to an ESX VPS you can do that... But don't nest VPS - while you CAN do this it is probably not a good idea

    If you cruise over to VMWare website they have good forums with some really knowledgable people.

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