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    **** Transfer from Cpanel to Plesk

    Hello !

    Any idea to transfer(Convert) 500 websites from cpanel to plesk ? i have root access to both servers .

    Any converter to convert the backup ?

    Thank U

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    On a Speck!!!!!

    You will have to manually transfer all the sites from cPanel to plesk.

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    Don't do it. Stay with cPanel. I am leaving Plesk to go to cPanel because Plesk sucks and so does the backup system they incorporate. You will severely hate it.

    To truly answer your question, the Plesk backup is a proprietary setup that only works with Plesk and there has not been any conversion utility from other control panels. Support for Plesk is garbage also.

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    I would recommend Cpanel too over Plesk. One issue we always faced with Plesk was we could not host more than 500 websites on a single server, no matter how big the hardware is because of the open file descriptors limit and recompiling apache with high amount of open file descriptors was the only option which is usually not less than a nightmare. On the other hand, Cpanel/WHM itself builds apache with a high open files limit descriptor which is ideal for shared hosting environment. Besides, recompiling apache is easy with Cpanel/WHM because of its easyapache tool. My word of advice is stick to Cpanel.
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    I am also recommending will have to manually transfer your sites and also Cpanel and plesk have different mail directory structures, you will need to copy the emails manually to corresponding directories of each domain.

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    Is there any specific reason you have for going from cpanel to plesk?

    In my experience cpanel is far better then plesk. - Fast Reliable File Hosting

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    I would recommend cpanel. Though if you want to transfer, then you will have to migrate your all data manually. You can do it using scp or rsync.

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    If you are not already familar with plesk and able to manage server, don't do it. Cpanel is much better and easy for server administrators than plesk.

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    One more for the cPanel. Do not go with plesk in this case, you will get many issues just using it, and definitely will regret if you will try to transfer cPanel accounts to Plesk.

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    It looks like Plesk is losing out against Cpanel. I wonder what is Parallels' plan of action to regain Plesk's popularity.
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    I'll highly recommend cPanel,Though, If you are planning to transfer from cPanel to Plesk, you've to transfer data manually. you can do this through scp and Rsync, I think Rsync is better option.

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    Yes, strongly agree with all these posts.. cPanel is better than plesk, it is really user friendly than plesk. If still you want to stay with plesk check if this link is helpful for you..
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    I second the vote for cPanel. Never liked working on Plesk. It will give you a hard time.

    On the other hand, if you insist on the move, you have to do it manually. db, files, etc...

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    Your clients will continue with you?

    If you are hosting your own web sites, you can change to Plesk if you wish, without any problem. However, if you are hosting for clients, have you surveyed them, to determine whether or not they will continue with you, if you migrate from cPanel to Plesk? I have two (2) web sites that have been on servers with the Ensim Control Panel, for years. That company now offers cPanel shared hosting. This morning, I contacted them, to see if I can switch my sites to a cPanel server or if they can add several cPanel features I want, to the Ensim servers I am using. Much good luck, if you do go ahead with the migration to Plesk!

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    what plesk version are you referring to here?

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    Use it doing rsync it will fast and better.
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