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    Salary expectation

    My company has offered me some X amount and a designation. But i want to reply them back stating that the offered amount and post is not what i expected.

    Can anyone help me writing a formal mail.

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    These sort of negotiations are always difficult. IF you want something more than they offered you have to convinence them you are worth it and maybe give them a business case of why it worth paying extra. If there are other people going for the same job you don't want to price yourself out of their range. First sort of thing I would use as a very very rough basis/draft and pad it out as needed

    To/Dear Boss,

    I would like to thank you for your offer of $x/mo for the title of <job title>. Whilst I'm very grateful for this offer I would like to instead ask for $xxx/mo and the title of <what you want>. I feel this is deserved as over the last 12 months I have

    - list of achievement/bullet points that have saved the company money/generated money

    Looking forward I would like to progress with the company and feel that by offering me <what you are looking for> this would enable me to become much more productive/an assest for the company/something positive.

    I would be intrested in hearing your feedback on this

    Your Sincerely



    Russ Foster - Industry Curmudgeon

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    Without getting too detailed, I would site some sources like or and compare your offer with industry standards. If your offer is lower than the industry standard, you may be able to use that evidence to get a more reasonable offer.

    Remember that most employers expect you to negotiate an offer. In my opinion, it shows that you value yourself highly and they should respect that. I would counter with an offer that is somewhere around what you would like to get. (Just be sure it is not unreasonably high).

    If all else fails and salary is the most important part of your compensation package, try stating that you will take fewer allotted vacation days, decreased benefits, etc. Look for something to trade off with the company so that you are not merely saying that you want more money.

    As far as addressing this with your employer, I would first say that you appreciate their offer and you have sincerely considered it. However, you would feel more comfortable accepting right away if the salary was XXX,XXX. Then go on to back it up with why you are worth what you are and what you are willing to trade back to them for a higher salary.

    Hope this helps...Congrats on the offer - Hope it turns out well for you!
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