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    Keyweb VPS Help????

    I was with hosting-ie before and now they are not there anymore then I bought a server from santrex,do not go to santrex ever, and that was a sh**... :
    And now I'm looking to buy a server from keyweb but their site lacking information about their servers!
    And nor replying to my any emails!

    About windows server
    Does VRS-Business 09 / RootDS-Start have remote desktop function?
    And which one is the best one to go with and what is the monthly bandwidth limit for RootDS-Start plan?

    And what's with the connection? Is it shared or master 100mbit connection?

    Please reply soon

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    Anyone can help me with these information?

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    If they do not even reply to your sales requests, I suggest not to choose this host as I expect them not to answer your support requests in Time either. But I have not tested their service at all.

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    I ordered a VPS from them but they sent me a mail and never contacted,I didn't pay yet and they have to send me an invoice first!
    And they never sent me the invoice

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Herewith we inform you that we received your appointment
    about ordering the product:


    Information about your order:
    Your address data:
    Name : ****
    Ansprechp. : ***************
    Street : ***
    City : *******
    Postal code : *******
    Telephone : ****************
    Email : ******************

    Your order data
    Product : STARTRDS
    Operating system : WINDOWS
    Software : PLESK
    Price : 29,90 EUR
    Setup : 4,90 EUR

    Your appointment is going to be editted immediately. As soon as we verified your appointment,
    we will send you a sales confirmation.

    Best regards,

    Keyweb Co.
    Neuwerkstrasse 45-46
    D-99084 Erfurt
    Telephone 0361-65853-0
    Telefax 0361-65853-88
    Directorate: Frank Nowag
    Supervisory Board Chairman: RA Ronald Hoffmeister
    Commercial Register Jena HRB 12403
    What's the meaning of that?

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    Have you tried calling them? I assume they offer English support?

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    I tried calling but number does not work and still they didn't reply to my order either,it's been 4days now lol

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