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    [help advice] Easyapache Best Configuration

    It would be great if anyone could give me his/her profile file.

    I have a lot of questions regarding the installation with easyapache:

    I will begin:
    Step 1:
    - I click to "start installation based on profille" to customize apache

    and so on.
    Step 2:
    I select the apache Version 2.2.
    Step 3:
    I only set PHP 5
    Step 4:
    I take the newest Version of PHP: 5.2.11
    Step 5
    - I click on the bottom to "exhaustive option list" to see all features
    I Select: (+ means yes, - means no, ? means no idea what to do)
    + Asis
    + AuthnDefault
    + Cache
    + DAV (for enable frontpages client instead of FP extensions)
    + Env
    + expires
    + file protect
    + frontpage
    + headers
    + Mod SuPHP (Because of Owner-Control and custom php.ini's for domains) right?
    + Disk Cache (for less memory usage) Good Idea, isn't it?
    + FIleCache
    (Caching frequently requested files that change very infrequently is a technique for reducing server load) --> I think good idea.
    + IonCube Loader for PHP
    + Mod Bandwidth I want to limit Bandwith to domains. right?
    + Mod Security for security reasons
    + Suhosin for PHP for security reasons
    + Bcmath
    + Bz2
    + MPM Worker (supports Threading, lesss memory, faster) good idea?
    + Vhost Alias Is good?
    + Calendar
    + Curl
    + CurlSSL
    + FTP
    + GD
    + Iconv
    + Imap
    + Magic Quotes
    + Mbregex
    + Mbstring
    + Mcrypt
    + Mhash
    + Mysql
    + Mysqli
    + PDO mysql (for magento)
    + Mysql of the system
    + PGsql
    + Openssl
    + POSIX
    + Path Info Check
    + Pear
    + Sockets
    + TTF
    + Zlib
    + Zip

    - Mod FCGID (don't need, because u have SuPHP right ?)
    - CGI don't need it anymore because suhosin. right?
    - Fastcgi dont need because of suhosin

    ? MPM Event works with MPM Worker together? Should install?
    ? EAccelerator for PHP
    "caches compiled PHP pages ONLY when running in a persistent (DSO/FCGID) manner" --> So if I run SUPHP so i can't use this feature, right?
    Okay, but what ist if i will run FCGID?
    E-Accelerator makes Skripts faster and reduces memory and server load.
    BUT how does E-Accelerator work together with MPM Worker or DiskCache?
    Any Idea? If I use E-Accelerator, so i shouldn't use Disk cache?
    And what is better: E-Accelerator with FCGID or DISK Cache with SUPHP?
    I Couldn find an answer to this question...

    We are under step 3, dont forget
    At the bottom under preferences i checked:
    *Archive Backup (this session only)
    *Report Errors to cPanel

    Okay, and now I click to Save only (Do not build)

    Please your advice whether my options are good for a shared hosting. CMIIW..
    Some of checklist i took from forquato's post in cpanel forum [].

    Thank you.
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    Interesting post; although i would not see why there would be one better configuration as another; simply because the less you install the better it is; and what you need to install is depending on your customers need.

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    Thank you.. but I would to know what are your opinion about this?
    whether its good or not, secure enough or not ?

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