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Thread: Enom down?

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    Enom down?

    Is it just us, or is Enom down for everyone? We got a notice from them saying they would be down for 8 hours! But that was scheduled for much later today according to the email.

    Can't call enom as the tech support pin is only available via their web site Grrr...

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    Back up. Wish they had a status page....

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    Seems to be up, i didnt receive that email, mind posting it here?

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    We got this email. Like what they call a 'short' outage!

    Dear eNom ETP Reseller (xxx),

    Starting at 6 PM PT on Friday, October 23rd, 2009 until Saturday, October 24th at 2 AM PT, we will be conducting maintenance on our database and datacenter resulting in following sites and services being unavailable:

    - eNom API
    - All PDQ sites
    - All RegistryRocket sites
    - Communication with the registry affecting new registrations, renewals, and transfers

    The following services will not be affected and will continue to be fully operational:

    - DNS will resolve normally - although operational through this downtime, any changes to DNS settings may be delayed intermittently for a period of up to 24 hours from the start of the maintenance period
    - All web hosting services will connect normally
    - Email will send and receive normally
    - Email forwarding and site redirection will operate normally

    We anticipate the maintenance will only last up to 8 hours. We apologize for any inconvenience during this short maintenance and thank you for your patience.


    eNom Tech Support

    Maybe it's not legit? It looks like what they normally send out.

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    Is still down for you ?

    Their account doesn't say a word about it.

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    Up at the moment. I would not expect to see any anouncements though. Never have in the past.

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